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How to Increase Your Savings on Your Terms

(NewsUSA) - "You need to save money." You tell yourself this. Others tell you this too. However, according to the 2015 FDIC National Survey of Unbanked and Underbanked Households*, approximately nine million U.S. households don't use any type of bank account to save their money. Since banks tend to offer similar products and services, even those who do save often don't see a need to explore their options. Understanding the ins and outs of saving for the future is the first step to becoming a successful saver.

It's important to note that all savings accounts are not created equal. Online bank accounts often offer higher yields than traditional bank branches, with savings account interest rates and certificate of deposit (CD) interest rates that are higher than the national average annual percentage yield (APY).


Types of  Malaysia Industry Licenses for Foreigners


Industry licenses are a license issued by a regulator of the industry to regulate the main business nature of the company intended to do. Foreigners who intend to set up a Malaysia Private Limited Company (Sdn Bhd) need to know the various types of Malaysia Industry Licenses to apply and qualify for their business activities.


The 100% foreign owned company often not be allowed for most types of trades without local Malaysians’ participation (in terms of shareholding and directorship). It is stricter for foreigners to own industry license for local Malaysia Sdn Bhd company compare to Labuan company. Malaysia Sdn Bhd company is mainly targeting local Malaysia market.


Wholesale retail trade WRT license in Malaysia


Hence, the Malaysia government would need to protect the interest of locals policies in place permit only “unique business” or manufacturing business with higher paid-up capital of minimum RM1 million to RM 2.5 million allowed for 100% foreign participation. There is an exception to certain industries for lower paid-up capital such as information technology, biotech and medical permissible for 100% foreign ownership.


Besides the Industry License, the foreigners will require to apply for other types of Malaysia’s local town council business licenses. The industry and town council licenses requirement and application procedure also applies to 100% local Malaysians owned companies.

Resource: http://malaysiabizadvisory.com/types-of-malaysia-industry-licenses-for-foreigners/


For instance, Goldman Sachs Bank USA (GS Bank) empowers consumers to save by offering a high yield savings account and CDs to help achieve savings goals, while at the same time providing the convenience and the security of a traditional bank. Additional advantages include no minimum deposit required to open an account, no transactions fees and only a $1 balance required to earn the APY associated with an account. With the backing of Goldman Sachs, GS Bank customers have access to a range of savings products that will help them save, as well as the expertise of a 148-year-old financial institution.


Digital alternatives to traditional banking don't have the overhead that comes with managing branches and are therefore able to be more competitive with their rates, providing consumers with a realistic way to accumulate savings with higher interest rates and a stronger financial portfolio.


Accumulating savings can be difficult at any age. Here are some small steps that can make a big difference in the long run:


Make a budget: If you don't know what you're spending each month, start paying attention. Track your spending for a few months and make a budget to live by. Track the money you save by eliminating unnecessary spending and put it right into your online savings account.


Split-deposit paychecks: Consider having your employer split-deposit your paycheck to your checking account and a separate high-yield savings account. This way, saving becomes automatic and because your savings account is separate, you might be less tempted to spend it.


Manage to spend: For instance, you could save money by bringing your lunch. If, for example, you average $8 a day for lunch at work, that's $40 per week and $2,000 per year. It adds up. If you were to bring your lunch from home for about $2 per day, you could achieve a savings of $1,500 per year to add to your savings account. Homemade sandwiches taste pretty good when you're watching your savings grow.


Sock your money away: Once you accumulate significant savings, you may want to move some of your savings to an FDIC-insured fixed-rate CD account to lock in an interest rate. A CD is a type of savings tool that offers a higher rate than most standard savings accounts. Generally, there is little risk and most typically don't have monthly fees.


Keep your savings safe and secure: Consider keeping all or a portion of your core savings in an FDIC-insured bank. This can mean keeping your money in savings or CD accounts that are insured by the FDIC up to the maximum allowed by law. According to the FDIC**, since the FDIC was established in 1933, no depositor has lost a penny of FDIC-insured funds. For more information about FDIC deposit insurance coverage and limits, visit FDIC.gov/deposit.


As you work towards achieving your savings goals, you can learn more about savings strategies and financial insights from GS Bank by visiting www.GSBank.com. Have additional questions? You'll find someone to connect with at 1-855-730-SAVE (7283). Start saving more right now to make a difference for your future.


*2015 FDIC National Survey of Unbanked and Underbanked Households (link to https://www.fdic.gov/householdsurvey/) **According to the FDIC (link to https://www.fdic.gov/deposit/deposits/) **According to the 2015 FDIC

Business License Application Requirements in Malaysia - Read Must Before You Apply

For any inquiries on the business license application, kindly note there'll be a preliminary consultation fee of RM500 to be paid directly before we will proceed with the same consultation, because of comprehensive analysis needed on the case to case basis and our Senior adviser can speak to you once payment is received. this is applicable to an inquiry via email, telephone or walk-in.

WRT License in Malaysia

We want to spotlight to you that we have a tendency to are unable to help you on most of the licensing demand for your business because it needs in-depth trade information and unremarkably the licensing department would love to influence the business house owners directly.
However, we have a tendency to might assist in analysis for the licensing demand applicable specifically for your business and our fee is starting from RM 2,000.

Business Premises License Application

S & F Consulting Firm Limited might assist you to apply for the business premises license from the individual State Authorities. the necessities for the applying of business premise license and sign license might vary in step with every office.
Should you would like our help to use for your business premises license, please allow us to have the subsequent documents of your business entity, among payment, for our additional action: -
For Company

(i) Certificate of Incorporation (Form 9) – one copy;
(ii) come of Particulars of administrators, Managers, and Secretaries (Form 49) – one copy;
(iii) Photos of your business premise (front and interior of the premise);
(iv) anyone Director’s NRIC / Passport as declared in type forty-nine – one copy;
(v) A sample of a sign indicating style and color (if applicable);
(vi) Photos showing the location of a sign (if applicable).
For indebtedness Partnership (LLP)
(i) Certificate of Registration – one copy;
(ii) e-SSM Business Profile – one copy;
(iii) Photos of your business premise (front and interior of the premise);
(iv) anyone Partner’s NRIC / Passport as declared in Business Profile – one copy;
(v) A sample of the sign indicating style and color (if applicable);
(vi) Photos showing the location of a sign (if applicable).
For Enterprise (Sole-proprietor / Partnership)
(i) Certificate of Registration of Business (Form D) – one copy;
(ii) e-SSM Business Profile – one copy;
(iii) Photos of your business premise (front and interior of the premise);
(iv) Copy of any Business owner/Partner’s NRIC as declared in type forty-nine – one copy;
(v) A sample of a sign indicating style and color (if applicable);
(vi) Photos showing the location of the sign (if applicable).
You may visit DBKL for additional data.

WRT License Application

WRT (Wholesale Retail Trade) license is applicable for foreign in hand company (more than 50%) solely. Businesses like retail, commercialism (import and export), distributive trades, restaurants, franchise business and services, and practice are needed to get a license from the Ministry of Trade Cooperative and Consumerism Asian country.

Approval for WRT includes a validity amount of two years. candidates should renew their approval three months before the end date.

You may talk over with WRT guide for terms and conditions and WRT Licensing demand for additional data.

Should you would like our help to use for WRT license or renewal, please allow us to have the subsequent documents among payment, for our additional action: -?